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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Why do some people seem to have a great life? They have nice friends, great jobs or businesses, nice cars and all the toys they want. What is different from those who always seem to be struggling?

The fact is, it’s the way they think. They expect abundance. We are all born with basically the same brain (with the exception of hereditary and other factors). We all have this amazing brain with endless possibilities. By the time we are just learning how to walk, we have had many opinions and ways of doing things impressed upon us. By the time we start school, the people who raise us have conditioned our thoughts, most of the time unintentionally. We then immediately start using these impressions as references for situations that arise. For example, a baby has no knowledge of the consequences of stepping into a swimming pool. There is no fear or doubt about this event because he has nothing to compare it to the first time it happens. But a memory from falling in may cause fear and doubt when faced with this situation again in the future. It’s human to draw on our past experiences when making decisions or just dealing with a life situation.

Think about how drawing on negative or limiting beliefs can determine how you make decisions today. If you are referencing things that no longer apply to you or hold you back from being a better person, having a better life, or simply just being more at peace, you CAN change your thought pattern to better serve you.

Do you want more money?

Where do you want to live?

How do you want to make a living?

Do you want to change jobs?

Start your own business?


We have all heard “rags to riches” stories. This isn’t just a result of luck. It’s a result of a change in thinking. Focused thinking—coupled with emotion and gratitude—will change your life!

Get Unlimited Support to Help You Reach Your Goals

At the Focus Center, we believe everyone is in charge of their happiness and the direction of their life.  When you learn to control your thoughts and change your limiting beliefs, you can transform into a better version of yourself.  Our workshops on thought focus and changing belief systems will teach you skills for designing your ideal life.

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Everyone is invited to take advantage of our workshops and meditation rooms at the Center for 30 days FREE before becoming a member.  Individual memberships are $39 per month and can be prepaid for one year at a discount, or paid monthly through a PayPal subscription with a credit card.  Cancel your membership at any time.  There is no contract!

Get Access to All of Our Benefits for Only $39 per Month

Here’s what’s included in your membership:

Meditation Room

Unlimited use of our meditation rooms (during our operating hours).  Come relax in a tranquil space and train your brain to focus as you recharge.

Unlimited Workshops

Unlimited workshops on Focus, Changing Your Limiting Beliefs, Life Balance and other transformational topics.  See our Events Calendar.

Group Coaching

Unlimited Group Transformation Sessions to help you shift your thinking and get support in a group setting.  See our Events Calendar for upcoming dates.

Private Coaching

Personal Transformation Sessions are offered as scheduling allows.  Many coaches charge $200+ per hour, so this is a great deal!

Group and Business Memberships are available at a discount.