I’m Susan Merrill. I’m a Transformation Partner. I teach people skills to create a more happy, peaceful and balanced life.

It was not until 2011 that I started creating the life I wanted to live. I found I was always trying to please everybody else–on a daily basis. So one day, I decided to move back to the Florida Keys, where I grew up and left with my parents and brothers in 1983, because my life just wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I sold my Quickbooks consulting business, packed only what I really needed, and headed south!

What a great year that was! I realize that not everyone can just pick up and go away for a year. But it was part of the Universe’s plan for me. I learned a lot about myself and studied things I had very little knowledge about. After 15 years of being a self-employed software consultant, which had been a great gig, it just didn’t get me excited to get up in the morning. I began following people in the industry of life balance and the Law of Attraction. These folks knew some things I didn’t and I wanted to learn more. I have been fascinated with this ever since and decided I want to share what I’ve learned.

I have been coached by some of the best in the industry–Anthony Robbins Corporation, Achieve Today, Steve G. Jones and the Proctor-Gallagher Institute. I have an advanced coaching certification and years of self study under my belt.

I also learned that meditation is very valuable, and it’s not what I originally thought it was. It’s an important part of learning how to train your mind to be in the constant mindset you want to be in. It leads to better thought focus. Our lives right now are the result of whatever we have been thinking about up until now. We create and attract everything in our life so when you learn how to think in the direction you want to go, in any area, you will get there much faster! Choosing your thoughts today will result in the life you want tomorrow.

So, now I’ve been back in Gainesville, Florida, for several years. The Keys were fabulous, but my family and friends are here. My Quickbooks business picked back up, and I realized that if I kept saying  yes to those clients, I would never fulfill my desire to open and operate a Focus Center. I had to well, focus, on the things I needed to do to make it happen. I continue my education to better serve my clients who want to create a happier life for themselves.

Are you ready to improve your life in any of these areas–health, wealth, job/business, relationships or self-development? If so, consider becoming a member of the Focus Center. We offer meditation space, workshops (unlimited) and transformation sessions (as the schedule permits) to our members. Everyone is welcome to check it out for 30 days on a complimentary basis. Then membership is just $39 a month. We also offer business memberships–a great employee perk! Membership is inclusive of all the amenities and services, and there is no contract.

The Focus Center’s mission is to teach skills that promote a happier, more peaceful and better balanced life. We hold workshops on the areas of thought focus and life balance. Everybody’s situation and experiences are different. No two people have lived or desire the exact same life. We help our members set reasonable and measurable goals, help them realize their true potential and help them remove beliefs that block their success.

We also offer transformation sessions by phone if the Focus Center is not geographically convenient for you. Contact us for a free 30-minute introductory session with no commitment!