Our Vision

The Focus Center is a place where members can enjoy a calm, peaceful environment conducive to meditation and thought focus. The Center teaches skills to create and attract what members desire in the areas of health, wealth, professional life, relationships and self-development.

The Focus Center is dedicated to people who are realizing that their thoughts control their circumstances. Learning how to manifest everything you want is a skill that can be developed by anyone who is willing to learn.

The Focus Center is about helping people learn how their words and thoughts can determine the course of their lives. We all have the power to choose our thoughts and to concentrate on the things we want to bring into our lives. Whether it’s people, things or how you want to spend your time, you get to write the story of your life.

You can decide to leave the past in the past and have everything you want from now on!

People all over the world are discovering how to live their lives “from the inside, out” rather than allowing circumstances to determine their level of happiness and joy.

Whether you focus your thoughts on what you want or what you don’t want, you will get more of that. It’s one of the Universal Laws and it exists—always.

Susan Merrill

Susan is a Certified Life Coach who assists people in transforming their belief systems and focusing their thoughts to create the life they’ve always wanted.  She founded the Focus Center to teach skills that promote a happier, more peaceful and better balanced life, thereby fostering a community of positivity and kindness.