Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Focus Center?

A: The Focus Center is a place for members to learn how to focus their thoughts to direct their life path, to learn how to change their belief systems, to meditate and relax and to receive group and one-on-one transformation sessions (a/k/a life coaching) with a Certified Life Coach.

The Focus Center is NOT a religious or mystical environment, a yoga studio, or a place for psychological therapy.

Q: Does The Center teach people how to meditate? Is it based on any particular religion?

A: We do offer a short workshop on meditation. Meditation can mean different things to different people. At the Center, it is not based on any religion. There are other places that teach particular ways to meditate based on religious beliefs, but at The Focus Center, it’s more about training the mind to relax, concentrating on breathing and the connection that has to do with one’s life focus.

Q: Can I come in and meditate or take a workshop if I’m not a member? 

A: Yes, everyone is welcome to use the Center absolutely FREE for 30 days before deciding if membership is right for them. However, only members can take advantage of the group and one-on-on transformation sessions (which are included in the membership).

Q: What are my membership options, and is there a contract? 

A: Memberships are offered to individuals for $39 plus tax. There is no contract and the member is in total control of canceling at any time. Discounts are available for prepaying for a year but the membership is not prorated if the member decides to discontinue their membership. Therefore, we encourage everyone to take advantage of our 30-day free trial period before deciding.

We also offer group and business memberships. If your employer provides employee benefits, please tell them about us. Research has shown that employees who are happy and healthy use less sick days, are more productive and can be better team players, thus positively affecting a business’s bottom line!

Q: How do I pay my membership fee? 

A: All payments are processed through Paypal. The member (or the business) will click the link to Paypal from our website ( to authorize the payment(s). We do not keep any credit card information at the Center. The member can cancel any automatic payment at any time, since there is no contract.  Please login to your PayPal account to cancel payments.  We cannot cancel payments on our end, since we do not have direct access to your account.

Q: If I come to the Center to learn how to meditate and take a few workshops, why would I need to keep coming back? 

A: Many people join a gym for the continued support and accountability. Think of The Focus Center as a gym for your mind….a place to go to have a quiet, peaceful place to meditate on your way to and from work. And, your life may have challenges at different times (as well as your perception of life changes often), so it helps to have partners to help you through those times. As a member, transformation sessions are included in your membership (as scheduling allows). Some people call this “life coaching.” Many coaches charge $200 an hour for this type of consulting, so this is a great value to The Center’s members!

Q: Does The Focus Center have a mission statement? 

A: Yes. Our mission is to teach skills that promote a happier, more peaceful and better balanced life; therefore, fostering a community of positivity and kindness.