Well, the holidays are quickly approaching! My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It’s soon after my birthday and I feel people start taking time to concentrate on family and gatherings, slowing down from the fast pace we are accustomed to keeping. I recently read that Thanksgiving can be not only a time to be thankful for […]

Disasters bring people together

I thought this would be an inspirational blog, it being September 11th; a day many of us remember historically holding one of our nation’s most horrific disasters. There are natural disasters all over – fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis. There are wars and attacks more than we can count. But have you noticed how people come […]

Fanning the Sparks

I read an inspirational thought a few days ago and had to share it on Facebook. I’m noticing lots of people are venturing into new businesses or expanding ones they already have or making a decision to look for the job they have been longing for. The inspirational thought was “Make the most of yourself […]

Meditation and Mindfulness Apps

These new apps are all the rage! And I compliment anyone who is improving themselves by learning about meditation and mindfulness. It is becoming a huge industry as people discover all of the benefits. For a very small amount of money, you can learn how to meditate and hopefully, keep at it. Some people need […]

What Coaches Offer Their Clients

I realized that one of my blogs in July left off the end of a sentence – the benefit of having a coach! There are many reasons so I probably couldn’t decide which one to blog about and then got distracted and forgot to finish. But my favorite reason to have a coach is that […]


It’s August in Florida and if you’ve never been here in August, you probably can’t really imagine getting into your car at midday and getting hit in the face by a 120 degree heat wave trying to escape the front seat! I remember growing up in the Florida Keys, slathering on baby oil mixed with […]

Remember this when you are having an “off” day….

When we learn to control what goes into our minds (the thoughts we choose), we form great habits like not watching bad news over and over and over, not listening to people gossiping about other people, choosing to only speak good or not at all, and trying to see more than one perspective in any […]