Unlimited Workshops for Members

As a member of the Focus Center, you get full access to all of our offerings.  Take our workshops as many times as you like to help you master life-changing principles.

Meditation Workshop

(4-6 times per month)

Learn what meditation truly is. It is not a mystical practice that only works for monks sitting on mountaintops. It can help you train your mind to be more relaxed and calm on demand. It can help you reduce stress and aid your overall health. Our meditation rooms offer floor pillows, regular comfortable chairs and chaise lounge chairs. We recommend beginning with 10-15 minutes and offer a 1 hour meditation workshop several times a month to help get you started!

Focus Workshop

(4-6 times per month)

Our most popular workshop! Learn the basics of creating a happier and more peaceful life with simple tools anyone can use. Depending on the size and participation of the group, this workshop can take 4- 6 hours. You will receive a workbook to take home with you and we recommend re-taking the workshop at least every 6 months. You are not obligated to share; you can simply observe and receive if you like.

Life Balance Workshop

(2 times per month)

Do you feel out of balance in the 5 major life areas – health, wealth, job/career, relationships and self-development? This 2-3 hour workshop is for anybody wanting to strengthen a weak area. It feels like a group coaching session and additional one-on-one coaching is available after the workshop (included in your membership).

Clearing Sessions

(2 times per month)

This is like nothing you’ve ever done! If you are ready to get rid of limiting beliefs that hold you back or get “unstuck” on a barrier in life, this is for you! Using traditional clearing methods during this 2-3 hour workshop, you can take these tools home and continue your work. We teach many techniques so you can choose the ones that speak to you!

About the Workshops

Workshops are based on the book, Focus All Thoughts: What’s In Your Mind? 

Workshops are oriented toward those beginning to learn how to focus on the people, things and situations they want to attract into their life.

Topics include how your future is built by your current thought process, understanding limiting beliefs, how others influence you, laws of the universe, core values, positivity, controlling stress, manifesting, the importance of gratitude and forming new habits to navigate the direction of your life.

Students will be given a personal workbook to use and take home. You are not required to share anything about yourself. You may choose to just observe or receive.

Space is limited to 12 people, so please register in advance to hold your space for any of the dates.

See the Event Calendar for dates and times.

Please arrive on time and expect to stay for the entire workshop as a courtesy to the presenter and other members.